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Western Collegiate Roller Hockey League

University of California, Berkeley Golden BearsDivision II



Schedule & Results

Date Time Location Type Opponent Result Status
Oct 221:00PMSan Jose, CARegCal Poly Pomona Lost 0-8Final
Oct 229:00PMSan Jose, CARegCSU Fullerton Lost 2-10Final
Oct 238:00AMSan Jose, CARegUC Irvine (D4)Won 10-6Final
Oct 2312:00PMSan Jose, CARegat UC San Diego Lost 6-11Final
Nov 1912:00PMHuntington Beach, CARegat CSU Fullerton Lost 2-16Final
Nov 197:00PMHuntington Beach, CARegArizona Lost 4-15Final
Nov 199:00PMHuntington Beach, CAExhUC Irvine (D4)Lost 4-5Final
Nov 208:00AMHuntington Beach, CARegat Northern Arizona Lost 3-10Final
Jan 2110:00AMHamilton City, CARegat Sonoma State (D4)Lost 3-5Final
Jan 211:00PMHamilton City, CARegat Chico State Lost 0-12Final
Jan 213:00PMHamilton City, CARegWest Valley College (JC)Lost 2-12Final
Jan 215:00PMHamilton City, CARegUC Irvine (D4)Won 7-4Final
Feb 188:00AMHuntington Beach, CARegat Cal Poly Pomona Lost 2-12Final
Feb 1812:00PMHuntington Beach, CARegChico State Lost 0-10Final
Feb 183:00PMHuntington Beach, CARegArizona Lost 2-13Final
Feb 186:00PMHuntington Beach, CARegUC San Diego Lost 4-5Final
Feb 188:00PMHuntington Beach, CARegat Northern Arizona Lost 4-13Final

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