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Western Collegiate Roller Hockey League
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WCRHL Events for November 2017
Day Name Location
11thWCRHL Regular Season EventHuntington Beach, CA
WCRHL Games for November 11, 2017
Time Rink Location Div Type Home Away Status
8:00AMBHuntington Beach, CAD2RegUC San Diego - 0Cal Poly Pomona - 1Final
8:00AMMHuntington Beach, CAD2RegArizona - 5Long Beach State - 4Final (OT)
8:00AMRHuntington Beach, CA-RegCSU Fullerton (D3) - 4Claremont (D4) - 2Final
9:00AMBHuntington Beach, CA-RegCal Poly Pomona (D3) - 6Sonoma State (D4) - 5Final (OT)
9:00AMMHuntington Beach, CA-NonCal Poly (D1) - 2Lindenwood GOLD(D3) - 5Final
9:00AMRHuntington Beach, CAD3RegUC Santa Barbara - 2Arizona - 9Final
10:00AMBHuntington Beach, CA-RegCal Poly Gold(D3) - 11Claremont (D4) - 0Final
10:00AMMHuntington Beach, CAD1NonUC Santa Barbara - 1Lindenwood - 10Final
10:00AMRHuntington Beach, CAD3RegCSU Fullerton - 0Arizona State - 8Final
11:00AMBHuntington Beach, CA-RegCal Poly Pomona (D2) - 3Saddleback College (JC) - 8Final
11:00AMMHuntington Beach, CAD2RegUC San Diego - 2San Jose State - 9Final
11:00AMRHuntington Beach, CAD2RegArizona - 10UC Irvine - 4Final
12:00PMBHuntington Beach, CAD3RegCal Poly Pomona - 1Arizona - 7Final
12:00PMMHuntington Beach, CAD3NonCal Poly Gold - 0Lindenwood GOLD - 15Final
12:00PMRHuntington Beach, CAD3RegCal Poly Green - 2UC Santa Barbara - 8Final
1:00PMBHuntington Beach, CAD2RegLong Beach State - 4Northern Arizona - 3Final
1:00PMMHuntington Beach, CAD1NonArizona State - 2Lindenwood - 4Final
1:00PMRHuntington Beach, CA-RegSonoma State (D4) - 1West Valley College (D3) - 2Final
2:00PMBHuntington Beach, CAD2RegCalifornia - 4Arizona - 5Final (OT)
2:00PMMHuntington Beach, CAD1RegCal Poly - 3UC Santa Barbara - 4Final
2:00PMRHuntington Beach, CAD2RegUC Irvine - 5UC San Diego - 4Final
3:00PMBHuntington Beach, CA-RegCal Poly Green(D3) - 5Claremont (D4) - 2Final
3:00PMMHuntington Beach, CA-RegWest Valley College (JC) - 4Chico State (D1) - 5Final
3:00PMRHuntington Beach, CA-RegSonoma State (D4) - 1Arizona State (D3) - 12Final
4:00PMBHuntington Beach, CA-RegSaddleback College (JC) - 9Northern Arizona (D2) - 4Final
4:00PMMHuntington Beach, CAD3RegCal Poly Gold - 11West Valley College - 4Final
4:00PMRHuntington Beach, CAD2RegLong Beach State - 1San Jose State - 8Final
5:00PMBHuntington Beach, CAD3RegCSU Fullerton - 7Cal Poly Pomona - 4Final
5:00PMMHuntington Beach, CAD1RegCal Poly - 2Arizona State - 3Final (OT)
5:00PMRHuntington Beach, CA-RegWest Valley College (JC) - 13California (D2) - 4Final
6:00PMBHuntington Beach, CAD3RegCal Poly Green - 0Arizona State - 20Final
6:00PMMHuntington Beach, CAD2RegSan Jose State - 5Arizona - 2Final
6:00PMRHuntington Beach, CAD3RegWest Valley College - 6Arizona - 4Final
7:00PMBHuntington Beach, CAD2RegUC Irvine - 3Northern Arizona - 12Final
7:00PMMHuntington Beach, CAD1RegCal Poly - 6Chico State - 2Final
7:00PMRHuntington Beach, CA-RegCalifornia (D2) - 9Claremont (D4) - 1Final
8:00PMBHuntington Beach, CA-RegCal Poly Gold(D3) - 9Sonoma State (D4) - 4Final
8:00PMMHuntington Beach, CA-RegLong Beach State (D2) - 1West Valley College (JC) - 5Final
8:00PMRHuntington Beach, CAD3RegCal Poly Green - 2Arizona - 7Final
9:00PMBHuntington Beach, CAD3RegCal Poly Pomona - 0UC Santa Barbara - 8Final
9:00PMMHuntington Beach, CA-RegSaddleback College (JC) - 4UC Santa Barbara (D1) - 3Final (OT)
9:00PMRHuntington Beach, CAD2RegUC San Diego - 10California - 7Final
10:00PMBHuntington Beach, CAD2RegNorthern Arizona - 5San Jose State - 6Final (OT)
10:00PMMHuntington Beach, CAD1RegArizona State - 10Chico State - 1Final
10:00PMRHuntington Beach, CA-RegUC Irvine (D2) - 1West Valley College (JC) - 16Final

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